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Rick is proud Dad to Taylah (20) and Mitchell, (18). Mitchell has autism spectrum disorder and attends St Patrick’s Special School. Through his personal experience as a family carer, Rick has become a strong advocate on many disability issues including the provision of services for people with autism.

Rick is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Count Me In Foundation. CMI is a not-for- profit organisation, with charity status, operating in South Australia. It is founded and majority managed by people with disability.

CMI believes that by including people with a disability and their carers in the management, design and delivery of universal design principles in public places and buildings, we will create a better and more participant driven community.



Lily is 20 years of age and passionate about the law and the way advocacy can affect change in all our lives, especially for key minority groups. Lily has a physical disability called Larsen Syndrome, a connective tissue which limits her mobility; she is an ambulatory wheelchair user.

Lily became involved with the foundation after noticing a lack of implementation and awareness of accessibility for people with disabilities through her own lived experience of disability. Lily is a passionate advocate for universal design principles, promoting accessibility for everyone, with disabilities and other mobility issues (older persons, parents with prams etc.)

Lily is also passionate about expressing that universal design not only encompasses physical access such as adequate ramps and changing places, but also for people with intellectual, sensory and psycho-social disabilities through signage, sensory rooms etc.

As a young woman with a disability, Lily wants to work towards the availability of more support, opportunity and engagement for young people. She also sees the need for strong voices and fresh ideas for youth to be part of the disability decision making process in South Australia.

Lily is passionate about being involved in the planning of law that represents the wishes of the community, including incorporation of long overdue universal design principles and provision of open space.

Lily has extensive skills in social media engagement and understands the advantages in using social media platforms.

Lily is using her voice to achieve positive change towards universal design in South Australia. Lily is a university student and a mentor. Lily is also an active member of the Dignity Party and was the 2018 Lower House Candidate for Badcoe. Lily is also a member of the Moonlight Speakers leadership and public speaking team supported by Community Bridging Services.



Angus lives with a disability, specifically cerebral palsy which impacts his mobility, resulting in the use of crutches and a wheelchair. He first entered the disability sector as a volunteer, assisting at CARA’s camps for kids with disabilities program. Volunteering persuaded him to study Social Work at Flinders University, completing the degree in 2013.

Angus was first exposed to disability advocacy aged nineteen, joining Julia Farr Youth, a group run by young people, for young people advocating around issues important to young people living with disability. He has an interest in equal education opportunities for young people with disability, advocating strongly for a successful transition into post-schooling options. He now chairs Julia Farr Youth as of October 2017 and also co- facilitates several of the committees Peer Support initiatives.

During his university degree, Angus undertook placements at the Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia (now Starlight) and Disability SA, working extensively in project work. Upon graduating, he worked at Disability SA in case management, the Lifetime Support Authority, again focusing on project work and assisting with linking clients into community rehabilitation upon discharge from hospital. The Epilepsy Center saw Angus working in project work alongside young people and he currently works as an administration Officer at the Don Dunstan Foundation.

Angus currently serves as secretary of the Count Me In Foundation, a Foundation advocating for greater inclusion and opportunities for people living with disability and currently studies Journalism at the University of South Australia, intending to use the skills learned as part of his advocacy.

With an ageing population, and for people with mobility access needs, Angus says many footpaths urgently need to be upgraded. He also wants to champion the issues faced by young carers, improve mental health services, and ensure increased education in schools about disability.

As a young man with a disability, Angus understands the need to improve the access to employment and to secure financial well-being for all.

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Stephen Hunt

Stephen has most recently been involved with the establishment of a graphene focussed start-up, Graphene Technology Solutions, GTS has an Agreement with the University of Adelaide whereby GTS is investing in R&D at Adelaide University and GTS will be commercialising graphene production, as well as graphene additive products for anti-corrosive coatings, soil remediation, water purification and other graphene related products.

Stephen is also a Non Executive Director of ASX listed company, Volt Resources Ltd, (ASX: VRC), which is focussed on developing the world class Nachu graphite project in Tanzania. Previous roles in Volt include Chairman and Executive Chairman.

Since May 2017, Stephen has also been a Non Executive Director of American Pacific Borate and Lithium Ltd. (ASX: ABR). ABR owns the highly promising Fort Cady Borate and Lithium project in California, whereby to date US$50m has been spent on exploration, metallurgical test work, approvals, as well as developing a pilot plant.

In addition, Stephen has been a Director of ASX listed companies, Magnis Resources Ltd. (ASX: MNS), IMX Resources Ltd and Australian Zircon Ltd. Cumulatively he has over 17 years as a Director of ASX listed minerals companies.

Stephen is currently a Director of the not-for-profit charity Count Me In, which promotes universal design principles in buildings, with the aim of creating improved functionality for people with disabilities. Stephen has also served on the Board of the Sturt Football Club which is a member of the South Australian National Football League.

Stephen is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Stephen Hunt