Who are Count Me In Foundation?

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Count Me In Foundation is a charity organisation working to improve access and equity in our local community where we all work and live. The key action of Count Me In is to achieve this, is by promoting universal design and excellent access to everything that Australia and the state of South Australia has to give.

The members of Count Me In Foundation’s mission is to have everything available in our community to be designed and constructed with universal design principles, so that no one is excluded. This then provides opportunities for all Australians to develop to their full potential, access the community and work or study. This is not just buildings and equipment but also clubs, associations, employment and professional bodies. As well as physical access for people with physical disabilities and/or limitations, universal design can create accessibility for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Rick Neagle speaking about CMI and Universal Design

Imagine if you or someone you love couldn't get to a doctor’s appointment, couldn’t go to school, university and TAFE, or couldn’t get a job, while constantly experiencing little to no choice, a lack of opportunities and the solitude of ableism their lives. Most opportunities are not funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and if they all were, a lack of universal design still keeps many people with a disability ‘in their place’.

The notion of ‘real inclusion’ in our community leads to empowerment and increased self-worth for people with physical, sensory, intellectual and psycho-social disability. Inclusion of people with disabilities leads to greater access to the mainstream community, increasing the choice of services for people with disabilities, leading to increased economic participation. Such services include access to health professionals, to an education and to employment.

Count Me In Foundation works in a consultancy role to talk with the government, councils, schools and businesses about the benefits and need for universal design principles in South Australia, and Australia. Count Me In Foundation has lived experience of disability among our employees and board members. Please use the contact form down below if you wish to seek consultancy from Count Me In Foundation.

Count Me In Foundation is also involved in projects with other organisations to further promote universal design across Australia, we believe that the more awareness of universal design, the better!

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Our Team


Rick neagle - Founder and Executive Chairman of Cout Me In Foundation


Lily durkin - Minutes Secretary and Administration and Inclusion Officer for Count Me In Foundation


Angus fowler - Secretary to the Board of Count Me In Foundation


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